The Legend of Struga

1043930_625261754153662_380427118_nThere are many legends about the famous city of Struga next to the Ohrid lake. Most are  trivial inventions of drunk people, but one of these stories deserve attention.

Struga name appeared in the 11th century B.C. Some say that the name of the town comes from strig, “to shear sheep”, or straga, stroga or struga, “a passage for sheep made through a fence”, whereas other say that struga means “a river branch” or “a tributary”.  Meteorology enthusiasts say that Struga was named after a strong wind that is blowing on a northern shore of Ohrid lake, and in mcedonian language they call this wind „struze”.

However, the most popular legend remains the legend about monster of Ohrid lake. When God created Ohrid lake, He Said: I created the most beautiful place in the world, but people are too sinful to live in peace on the banks of the lake. So, I should to populate it with a monster.

Nobody knew how the monster looks, but they were all scared and nobody had the courage to live next to the lake. One day a young man named Struga, came to the lake and dive on water, seeking to confront the monster. It was a fight to the death. Finally, monster won the battle and ate the young man. But, during the fight, the friends of the young man, were able to see that really was not a monster, but a simple shark. People have become more courageous and founded a village on the lake and named him in honor of the hero – Struga.

The shark was impressed by courage of the young man and decided to attack the people only one time in the month.  Last time this happened on 24 May 2013 ….

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